History from SpidSit Tool

(All improvements and bugs fixes could be find here)

23 November 2012
Building of the multilingual version of spidsit, if you want to contribute by translating the language module. You can do this by making a copy of the FR file. txt, which is in the Flags SpidSit directory folder in Program Files and naming it in relation to the flag for the language of your choice. Once completed we will add it to the existing so that everyone can enjoy.
12 June 2012
Other fixed display problems, titel tags and paragraphs. Adding width and height attributes in image tags. Conversion pages with HTML5 headers.
15 April 2012
Display bugs from spaces and some list.
29 Februar 2012
Now you can execute more then one source code in one page And adding some free other templates on SpidSit.
09 Februar 2012
Adding an integrated and automatic contact forms on SpidSit. Manage more then one website, displayed as a project Littles fixed bugs..
27 October, 2011
SpidSit is now available as a automatic setup.

09 August, 2011
Why did we create this tool to build a website ?
23 June 2011
Adding somes scripts ou sources codes inside SpidSit, hooks are used with the number of the script insite, S1, S2... This scripts are available from the menu Edit, you could had, modify or delete them.. This script are inserted like it this in the place you decide. Well of course no possibility to generate and execute  ASP ou PHP code, while the generated pages are only in HTML or HTM available. Peharps that could be in the future from SpidSit.
12 June 2011
-Adding Web browser choice in menu Advanced Setting Parameters. internet explorer,mozilla,safari and google chrome. If one of them don´t works you could change the place it is on Advanced settings, and make the place your browser is.
18 April 2011
Fixed some bugs when the site is building online.
15 April 2011
-FTP connexions management, You could now send your website directly from SpidSit in internet
17 April 2011
-Automatic inclusion from a Sitemap HTML page with all existing pages from your site even from orpans pages.
09 April 2011
Automatic keywords building from your existing content, you can even manage this one directly from the button KEYWORDS. (Keywords are necessary for SEO).
04 April 2011
-SpidSit version integrate now list with five different ways.
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