SpidSit is imagine
as a collaboration

from one Delphi software programmer who have 15 years experience and a designer from website building. This tools works on Windows OS, from XP Version. He´s developped on Delphi RAD Studio 2010. Is available on English and French versions yet, and its the version 1.0 Build 118.

projet spidsit développement

Searching a solution

We are simply speaking together about different tools for Website building and begin to try more than ten of them.  Yes we use some of them in the past long times ago but we didn´t keep one of them to continue to build our websites. And after using some of them to test it again. We finnaly said there is no one we would like to use every time. Well because we didn´t find any of them who simply answers of same questions. How can I simply manage only one time informations that I want to see on every page i want ?
And How can I change my template without thats looking bad. With thats observation we decided to make our own tools to build our Websites. Every action that we find boring and even necessary, we search how to integrate this on this new WebSite Tool.


Same problem like me

We have all the same difficult to manage day by day our Websites. Webmaster spends lot of time to bring more content to their Website. Even if its fun we would like some times to bring our work little more simpliest. And some of them said STOP. Is there somewhere any tools that could bring me more hapinness every day. SpidSit hey that s what i´m looking for so a long time !

taches fastidieuses

We think about

a tool who take care about the problems we had and why not making this tools become true. At the beginning, we would like that this tools could be simpliest we can. While as far as I think about 5 years ago, i was searching for a tool that i could quickly use it without reading 10 pages of tutorials. Thats what we made. Then this tool must looks like the website i work on and don´t needs more then tens minutes to works. That´s made too, this tools is dynamic, when you select an other template the tools change dynamically. It makes the sidebar on left or right side. And this tool tell me too: You don´t have to copy and paste the same information in an other place, because if you change something on this content than you have to change it in every place. Then you have to make it on source code editor and link it on every place you wants.  

editeur spidsit

Hey that´s the same like others !

And some of them tell me: PHP and ASP know to build this without problems. And i will give them this answers ! You have rights and i use it on the past with this kind of Editor, Notepad++. But with the times i didn´t want to see more HTML or PHP code any more. I´m not a Geek who like to unterstand whats behind a content. I only want edit some content. Ok Then you tell me you have to use CMS if you don´t want see any source code like. WP, DRUPAL or JOOMLA are some of them. Well i also use it sometimes and between connexion problem and slow loading and even sometimes my content dissapear. I said stop i did´nt want to use it any more.


SpidSit Tool

He generate nice HTML page in XHTML format who can poeple easily read it. The design is made in full CSS, even if you are beginner you could get nice Website because the content is completely separated from the design. CSS is what they are more used on the Web actually. Don´t need to copy and paste any more. Nice design completely free and new one for little contribution. This Tools to build your Website is always free, and if you need help simple come to our forum.

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